Social Media Marketing & Your Business

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Think about a successful small business you’ve noticed recently. Are you curious why and how they’re doing so well? Take a quick look at their Facebook page..  Chances are they’re most likely exercising their companies page to its ultimate potential. Maintaining a productive business Facebook page includes engaging with loyal customers, sharing relative content and projecting information regarding your brand. Much potential goes unnoticed to a normal Facebook business page, properly utilizing social media marketing can release a massive amount of opportunities and potential.

Facebook advertising has completely changed the game of social media marketing, similar to when Google PPC did several years ago. Except this time, marketing has elevated to a drastically new extreme. Facebook may seem like a simple social platform that reminds you about friends birthdays, allows you to stay up-to-date with family or enjoy hilarious random videos and memes.. but there’s much more. So. much. more.

Facebook has developed into a modern, sophisticated database that stores (sometimes creepy) vast amount of information. However, the potential created with the information collected is game changing. This information can be used to target a specific audience by diagnosing extremely accurate demographics. The precision of targeting is powerful. More powerful than your average marketing tactic like a billboard advertisement around the city. Sure, everyone who drives by sees it.. but the million dollar question is, are the right people seeing it?

Maintaining social platforms for your company gives your brand a personality. If your companies voice is projected correctly, your brand should have a personality that people can relate to. Relating means to become personable, your platforms should become likable and familiar so people can interact and eventually connect your brand to a personality. People gravitate towards comfort, projecting a relatable personality for your brand allows customers to become familiar.

Studies have been preformed to explain how people will choose the familiar option, something they have seen before, even if they’re not exactly sure what it is – It’s called the “Mere-exposure effect.” If your business has a strong online presence, you’re subliminally effecting a massive amount of people. There’s strong potential to sway their future decisions just by simply interacting and engaging.

Social media management and marketing has recently fiercely grown, especially  in the city we originate from, Tampa. Witnessing first-hand the effect companies leave with a strong online presence has been nothing less than inspiring. The numbers tell you better than we can ever verbally explain.

Think about it, how many people do you know that do not go online or use a computer? Personally, I can’t say any, except for my 95-year-old grandmother and she even has an iPhone. Social media is not going anywhere, might as well use it to its maximum potential. The internet and social media is increasingly becoming more vital to everyday life as each day passes. The constant growth should be a form of insurance if you invest your money into digital marketing.

The importance of proper social media marketing strategy was once a somewhat controversial topic, questioning if it really works. However, today there shouldn’t be an argument about the potential it brings. Digital and social media marketing proves itself how it can be beneficial. Increasing revenues, generating customer loyalty, building a strong brand and creating an avenue to specifically target demographics  are all reasons why social media marketing has become a modern advertisement tool.

Now, the question is what’s stopping you from improving your brands online presence?

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